Announcing the Launch of Our New Website

We are excited to announce the launch of the newly designed OpenDP website.  We hope you find the website content informative and a valuable resource for differential privacy. Most importantly, we look forward to having you become a part of the OpenDP Community. 

Interested in engaging with the OpenDP Community? There are a number of ways to do so:

  • Join Us:  This summer we are launching the  OpenDP Fellows Program.  If you are an engineer or scholar in industry or academia who wishes to learn about and engage with the OpenDP software suite, do consider applying! The application deadline is April 30.   We are going to continue scaling up the organization so please keep watching the website for future opportunities.

  • Use Our Tools:  If you want to use our software tools such as SmartNoise to implement differential privacy, there is information around SmartNoise Use Cases and the SmartNoise Acceleration Program, which are offered in collaboration with Microsoft.  

  • Contribute:  The OpenDP community welcomes members of the community to participate in information sharing and collaboration. There are a variety of ways you can contribute ranging from creating sample notebooks and working on the core library to integrating with data repositories and participating in future working groups.

Or feel free to just keep up to date with the latest OpenDP news by registering for our mailing list, and following us on social media.  Please also keep an eye out for more details on our upcoming OpenDP Community Meeting which will be held in the fall of 2021.

We invite you to explore the new website. If there is specific differential privacy content that you would like us to include or if you have content that you believe others in the community would enjoy, please let us know:



The OpenDP Team