OpenDP Fellows Program


OpenDP will be accepting applications in the spring 2022 for a cohort of OpenDP Visiting Fellows for Summer 2022.  These part-time positions are meant for engineers or scholars in industry or academia who wish to learn about and engage with the OpenDP software suite, bringing this knowledge back to their own work or organization, while also contributing to OpenDP in the process.  During their fellowship, OpenDP Visiting Fellows will generally be supported by their own institution.  For Visiting Fellows from industry, we expect a contribution of additional financial support for the program and OpenDP, detailed below.

The fellowship term will include participation in a seminar on approaches to and challenges in deploying differential privacy and the basics of the OpenDP software suite.  There will also be many opportunities to collaborate with the OpenDP team through synchronous working sessions and asynchronous communication.

The dates of the program are June 6 to August 12, 2022, but alternate dates can be considered.  Applications should include a proposal of one or two projects that will be the fellow’s focus.  Fellows can work remotely for the entire duration of the program.  We will provide co-working space on site at Harvard as an option once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted at Harvard.

We will begin receiving applicaitons in March 2022. 

This is an employer-sponsored program, meaning the participant remains fully employed at the employer for the duration of the program, while devoting at least 20% of their time to the fellowship activities.  The employer sponsors the participant's work in this program and covers the pertinent expenses, such as the program fee and any program-related travel and lodging.  The program fee of $10,000 is applicable to industry participants and is waived for academia participants.

The high-level structure of the OpenDP Fellows Program is as follows: 

  • Onboarding - Once enrolled, the Fellow will meet with our faculty and staff to go over a detailed program plan tailored to the Fellow's goals in this program.  
  • Planning - The Fellow will present the project(s) to the core OpenDP team, who will help determine the best path to incorporate the work into current OpenDP workstream and/or collaboration with others in the community.
  • Execution - The Fellow will work on the project(s) as part of the OpenDP team.  The Fellow will have the opportunity to participate in the seminar series, join team meetings as related to their project(s), and give one or two mid-way presentations on the progress of their projects.  
  • Completion - The Fellow will present the completed project(s) to a wider audience that includes the OpenDP faculty, core team, staff, community members, and colleagues from Fellow's organization.  If the outcome of the project is open-source software, the completed code will undergo the standard vetting process for OpenDP code contributions.

OpenDP is dedicated to building a diverse community that is welcoming for everyone, regardless of disability, gender identity and expression, physical appearance, race, religion, or sexual orientation.  In particular, we encourage applications from members of underrepresented groups.

How to Apply