Developing Open Source Tools for Differential Privacy

OpenDP is a community effort to build trustworthy, open-source software tools for statistical analysis of sensitive private data. These tools, which we call OpenDP, will offer the rigorous protections of differential privacy for the individuals who may be represented in confidential data and statistically valid methods of analysis for researchers who study the data.

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Do you have data to share or an application that can benefit from differential privacy? We can help. 

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Whatever your background, there are ways in which you can contribute to the OpenDP effort. 

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The OpenDP team is continually growing! Currently we are accepting applications for our Scientific Staff and for the OpenDP Fellows Program. Please contact us if you are interested in joining us, even if we do not have a suitable job posting at the moment. 

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Please join our mailing list to get connected with the rest of the OpenDP Community, to stay abreast of our latest developments, and to find opportunities to contribute. 

Latest Blog Posts

Introducing OpenDP Library v0.6


Dear OpenDP Community,


The OpenDP team is delighted to announce the release of OpenDP Library 0.6!


The OpenDP Library is a modular collection of algorithms for building privacy-preserving applications, with an extensible approach to tracking privacy, and a vetted implementation. It is available as binaries for Python on PyPI, for Rust on, or in source form on GitHub.

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OpenDP Library v0.5 Overview


Dear OpenDP Community,


The OpenDP team is delighted (if a bit tardy) to announce the release of OpenDP Library 0.5!

This release is packed with enhancements to make the OpenDP Library more versatile and improve its robustness. The changes cover multiple aspects of the library, broadening the kinds of computations that can be performed, and making development more streamlined.
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