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* Please contact us if you are interested in joining us, even if we do not have a suitable job posting at the moment.

Open-Source Community Manager

OpenDP is an open-source initiative for building libraries, tools, and systems to share and analyze sensitive data with the strong mathematical protections of differential privacy. It has a rapidly growing community that spans academia, industry, and government. The OpenDP community manager will assist the faculty directors, the executive committee, and the software development team in community outreach, engagement, governance, diversity, and inclusion.


This is a one year term appointment with the possibility of renewal.



  1. Plan and execute strategies to grow a diverse, inclusive open-source community, measuring, improving and reporting on metrics about diversity, equity and inclusion in the OpenDP community.
  2. Engage with stakeholders within and outside the OpenDP community; manage communication and outreach on a regular basis over a variety of channels, such as website, email, mailing list, Github repos, GitHub Discussions, Slack, Twitter, etc.
  3. Implement and manage the onboarding process for new community members and contributors to the OpenDP project.
  4. Assist with developing and communicating the processes for contribution and vetting
  5. Organize and manage OpenDP GitHub repos and issues; review and update existing GitHub issues for clarity and contributor-friendliness.
  6. Review, prioritize, and track user requests and feedback via a variety of channels as mentioned above; assist with outreach to potential new users of the OpenDP software.
  7. Organize and manage community working groups addressing specific goals and tasks
  8. Organize virtual and in-person events for the community, such as community meetings, workshops and webinars.
  9. Assist with roadmap planning by advocating for community needs.
  10. Guide OpenDP developers, stakeholders, and community members in documenting user stories, technical specifications, and contributor and user guides.
  11. Curate resources for community learning and training, in both differential privacy and the specifics of OpenDP.


- Minimum of two years’ post-secondary education or relevant work experience



- Exposure to and interest in learning more about differential privacy.

- Strong interest in engaging with open source communities.

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

- Excellent interpersonal skills and empathy, valuing diversity and working with communities.



To apply, start here:



Research Scientist

The OpenDP project seeks to hire a Research Scientist to work with faculty directors Gary King and Salil Vadhan and the OpenDP Community to formulate and advance the scientific goals of OpenDP and solve research problems that are needed for its success. A community effort to build trustworthy, open-source software tools for statistical analysis of sensitive private data, OpenDP will offer the rigorous protections of differential privacy for individuals who may be represented in confidential data and statistically valid methods of analysis for researchers who study the data.

Key responsibilities will include advising the OpenDP team, our collaborators and community members on applying differential privacy in building software tools for data science problems, writing grant applications for fundraising and outreach, and serving as the scientific point of contact and fulcrum with use case partners and DP subject matter experts.

The successful candidate will be free to spend up to 50% of their time on their own independent research projects in related domains, perhaps in collaboration with other members of the team. Initial salary will be provided with the offer, with the expectation that the candidate will work with the OpenDP team to raise funding for future support.

Candidates are required to have a PhD and at least five years of postdoctoral experience. We strongly encourage applications from historically underrepresented groups.

Candidates should have familiarity with differential privacy and one or both of the following:
- Experience with implementing software for data science, privacy, and/or security, and an interest in working with software engineers to develop the OpenDP codebase.
- Experience with applied statistics, and an interest in working with domain scientists to apply OpenDP software to data-sharing problems in their field.

Required application materials include a cover letter; an updated curriculum vitae; a two-to-four page research statement discussing both past accomplishments and current and future areas of interest; links to at most three research papers or software products. Please submit the names and contact information for three references.

To apply, start here:

Interns and Postdoc Positions

To apply for an intern or post doctoral postion on the OpenDP team, please following the process listed here:
Apply for Intern & Postdocs on Privacy Tools